Pastor Michael Whitsey is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center Ministries, for over 18 years, located in Murfreesboro, TN. He is the founder of Redeeming Destiny Outreach Ministries, and the Headmaster of Abundant Life Christian Academy, for kindergarten through 8th grade, which provides a tuition-free education to families in our community. He has also established a Restoration Center for men who were incarcerated, or have experienced adverse life circumstances, who are in need of transitional housing, mentoring, and most importantly, to be equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny. His ministry is aired throughout the Memphis region, Chicago, and surrounding areas, via the “Living the Life” television broadcast.

Pastor Mike is a sought- out teacher, instructor, spiritual counselor and business advisor. He has an apostolic calling to reintroduce truth to the church, through teaching the Bible in a way that is practical and applicable, which has reignited an interest in the hearts of many, for the Word of God.

In 2014, the Lord revealed to him the mantle of redemption and restoration that is on his life and ministry, and commissioned him through the following prophetic word.

“I have allowed you to suffer and go through some difficult trials so that you can have a complete understanding of redemption and restoration, for this is the role that I am presently functioning in the most. This is where my people need to experience Me the most, for until I fully redeem and restore them, I can never return to receive them. I am sending you forth on a destiny rescuing mission to either connect or reconnect My people to Me, and to help them see the greatness that I have packaged them with; that they shall discover and fulfill all that I have purposed and planned for them to do in the earth realm so that their lives will no longer be connected to waste or decay, but everlasting joy and fulfillment.”

Michele is a native of the Nashville area. She has received various certifications throughout her education. After she completed her education, she crossed paths with God’s perfect will for her life concerning a spouse. Lady Michele and her husband started the first of four successful businesses. In six short years, their companies expanded to five different cities with more than one hundred employees. In the midst of all of their success, the Lord has blessed them with two wonderful children. In August of 2000, Lady Michele aided her husband in founding Abundant Life Christian Center. Lady Michele works closely with her Pastor and husband to ensure that the vision of the Lord is always being perfected.
Lady Michele is an example of a virtuous woman as described in Proverbs 31. She is an awesome role model and exemplifies godly traits as a daughter of God, wife, mother and friend. Lady Michele began the Women of Liberty Outreach Ministries. (See the Women of Liberty page for more information)Lady Michele is a woman led by the Spirit, skilled in the Word of God and exercises her Faith on a daily basis. She is committed to leading other women in achieving excellence and success in their lives. She accomplishes this by working with them to discover the path to personal freedom.